Is Kenneth Branagh’s ‘Hercule Poirot’ series the most 3/5 franchise in existence?

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Deliberately Old-Fashioned Style of Cinema

The Hercule Poirot series, directed by Kenneth Branagh, may not be breaking box office records like the Marvel movies, but it has found its own niche among modern audiences. These mid-budget, star-studded period pieces offer a couple of undemanding and entertaining hours of unraveling mysteries and conspiracies in a deliberately old-fashioned style of cinema.

The Most 3/5 Franchise in Existence

One social media user cleverly described the Poirot trilogy, which includes Murder on the Orient ExpressDeath on the Nile, and A Haunting in Venice, as the "most 3/5 franchise in existence." It may not be perfect, but these films are competently made, mildly enjoyable, and feature fun casts and playful genre exploration. This user would gladly watch a new installment every couple of years.

Screengrab via 20th Century Studios

The Future of the Franchise

While it may not have been the initial goal of 20th Century Studios or Kenneth Branagh, if the films continue to attract audiences at a slightly above average level, there's a good chance that a fourth installment will hit the screens. The mildly-powered train of this franchise could keep running full steam ahead. And if not, well, a trio of solidly unspectacular capers isn't a bad return at all.

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