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Entertainment6 months ago

Taylor Swift Reveals Surprising Social Media Detox

Breaking Free from the Digital World? Taylor Swift, the Grammy-winning superstar known for her chart-topping hits and captivating social media...

Entertainment6 months ago

‘EXPEND4BLES’ is Bad Enough, But Sylvester Stallone Nearly Starred in Netflix’s Dreadful Action Epic that Proved Inexplicably Popular

Listen to the Article The results are in, and things are not looking great for EXPEND4BLES, which is already carving...

Entertainment6 months ago

‘Like James Bond, you can keep bringing it back’: Netflix’s reborn franchise still going after 22 years gets a haunting idea well above its station

Listen to the Article Robert Rodriguez confirmed more than a decade ago that Spy Kids is actually part of a...

Entertainment6 months ago

‘We’ve got to save cinema’: Martin Scorsese still hates superheroes, even if he does name a filmmaker with 6 comic book credits as a savior

Listen to the Article Martin Scorsese and the Marvel Cinematic Universe If there’s one thing that Martin Scorsese has in...

Entertainment6 months ago

The 10 Marvel Casting Near-Misses That Could’ve Killed the MCU

Listen to the Article Who is the most underrated hero of the MCU? No, I'm not talking, say, Moon Knight...

Entertainment6 months ago

Will Will Smith Star in More Zombie Movies? A Closer Look at His Zombie Filmography

Listen to the Article I Am Legend was a game-changer for Will Smith, proving that he had the star power...

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