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An Erotic Serial Killer Thriller Launches an Assault on Streaming’s Top 10

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An Erotic Serial Killer Thriller Launches an Assault on Streamings Top 10

Meg Ryan, once the queen of romantic comedies, saw her career took a hit after starring in the erotic serial killer thriller "In the Cut". Released in 2003, the film marked the end of Ryan's time at the top of the A-list.

20 Years Later, "In the Cut" Makes Waves on Streaming

Despite receiving a lukewarm response from critics and audiences when it was released, Jane Campion's literary adaptation has gained a new appreciation for subverting the steamy subgenre. Currently holding a Rotten Tomatoes approval rating of 34 percent, "In the Cut" remains a controversial film.

in the cut
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Ryan reflected on her decision to take on risqué nude scenes and explicit onscreen content, stating that the reaction to "In the Cut" was vicious. She felt that Hollywood was also done with her at that point.

However, Ryan's comeback to the genre that made her famous is on its way to theaters, despite a recent delay caused by Taylor Swift. In a strange twist of fate, "In the Cut" is now one of the biggest hits on Max streaming.

According to FlixPatrol, the film, which follows Ryan's character as she witnesses a possible assault connected to a serial killer in New York City, is currently the second most-watched feature on the streaming platform. It's a surprising resurgence for a film that once damaged Ryan's career.

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