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Disney’s starry new ‘Wish’ trailer promises magic, music, and a bonus goat



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Disney’s starry new ‘Wish’ trailer promises magic, music, and a bonus goat

Disney is inviting us on the journey of a lifetime as long as we're brave enough to do one thing: make a wish. Of course, the Mouse House also reminds us that we've got to be careful when doing so, and that's the premise for the upcoming film Wish.

Be Careful What You Wish For

We all know the power of a wish, be it candles on a birthday cake, blowing little parachutes off of a dandelion, or capturing an eyelash before it falls from your cheek; there are things we all hope for that we don't dare speak aloud. Instead, we save them for wishes.

However, making a wish is a big responsibility, and as Asha finds out as she begins working alongside the most handsome King of Rosas, there's an even bigger responsibility to behold the power to grant them.

The Mysterious King and the Sinister Truth

King Magnifico is in charge of granting wishes in Rosas; a magic he possesses, but as Asha soon discovers, there's a lot that Magnifico is keeping from his people. King Magnifico soon tells Asha that the only wishes he grants are those "good for the people of Rosas," but it's evident that there's something sinister bubbling beneath the surface.

Asha must make a decision: will she play along with the King, and sit with the knowledge that many wishes won't ever be granted, all in the name of keeping King Magnificio's power intact? Or will she be brave enough to make a wish of her own, and free the people from the idea that their wishes are always hanging in the balance?

Magical Journey with Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

With a bit of belief in herself, a magical wishing star, and a cute goat that we just want to hang out with all day, Asha sets off on a path of discovery that's been a century in the making for Disney. Wish is a film that pays homage to the first 100 years of Disney Magic and looks forward to the next 100 on the horizon; as all true Disney fans know, all it takes is a little faith, trust, and pixie dust.

Speaking to EW, director Chris Buck says that the film is a celebration of joy:

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"We wanted to make a movie that celebrates the joy of Disney and make a movie for the fans. It's a hundred years. The Disney audience has kept us going and kept this studio going, and so there's so much of that."

Star-Studded Cast

Starring Ariana DeBose, Chris Pine, Alan Tudyk, Angelique Cabral, and Victor Garber, Wish is going to be the must-see film of the holiday season. Despite the need to be careful when you make one — we think now is the perfect time to start conjuring up that wish you'll make on the cutest star this Thanksgiving.

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