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Does ‘Saw X’ have a post-credits scene?

Does ‘Saw X’ have a post-credits scene?

Well, that was a ride. Few franchises ever reach a 10th entry, but Saw X is out here delivering the same skin-crawlingly disgusting scares audiences were enjoying almost two decades ago. If you're reading this now you may be watching the credits and recovering from the experience, but as always with modern movies, there's the burning question of whether there's anything worth sticking around for in the credits.

The big reveal

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The answer is…. yes!

Saw X debuts a franchise first by including a mid-credits scene that teases the next installment. We'll get into some more direct spoilers below, but let's just say it builds upon this prequel's connections to the wider Saw universe. That said, once the mid-credits scene is done there's nothing else to follow, so you don't need to stick around afterwards.

The scene

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The mid-credits scene sees the return of Costas Mandylor's Detective Mark Hoffman for a brand new game. Once again we're back in the original Saw room, with John Kramer having captured Michael Beach's Henry Kessler, in retaliation for his lies during Cecilia Peterson's scheme. The stinger concludes with Hoffman and John activating the device strapped to Henry's chest. The new game begins.

It's fairly clear this is all setting up Saw 11. Producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules have already teased this, as Koules hinted at in an interview with Dexerto:

"We’re very superstitious. We don’t even start thinking about Saw 11 or the next movie until after the latest one is released. But I’d bet on it."

If they can keep concocting yet more sadistic set-pieces, we'll watch this franchise until the heat death of the universe. See you in Saw 11!

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Saw X is now in theaters.