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‘I don’t think it’s the last time’: Surprise ‘Ahsoka’ star was determined an infamous $1b blockbuster wouldn’t be their last galactic bow



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‘I don’t think it’s the last time’: Surprise ‘Ahsoka’ star was determined an infamous $1b blockbuster wouldn’t be their last galactic bow

It looks like the surprise cameos just keep on coming in the hit series Ahsoka. The show, which is a sequel to The Clone Wars and Rebels, has been keeping fans of the movies on the edge of their seats with its nods to the original and prequel trilogies. And now, the latest cameo has proven that a certain star is determined not to let a $1 billion blockbuster be their final appearance in the Star Wars franchise.

nthony Daniels really didn’t want The Rise of Skywalker to be Threepio’s final appearance
C-3PO in Ahsoka
Image via Disney Plus

Anthony Daniels, who has famously portrayed the beloved character C-3PO throughout the Star Wars saga, was determined that his appearance in The Rise of Skywalker wouldn't be his last. In an interview with Esquire prior to the film's release, Daniels admitted that while he's a realist and didn't necessarily expect to play Threepio on the big screen again, he was convinced that there would be further projects in the Star Wars universe. And it looks like he was right.

In the latest episode of Ahsoka, titled "Episode 7", Daniels returned as C-3PO, saving Hera from being court-martialed and delivering a message from Leia. Although he had previously appeared in a Disney Plus cameo in Obi-Wan Kenobi, this marked the first time that Threepio had entered the Mandalorian corner of the Star Wars galaxy. And it seems that Daniels' belief that The Rise of Skywalker wouldn't be his final time in the franchise was indeed correct.

Looking forward, it's not unlikely that Daniels will make further comebacks as C-3PO, especially considering the number of Star Wars shows in the works at Disney Plus. As he said in his interview, Threepio is too valuable to put away and will always exist strongly in the electronic media ether that we all inhabit now.

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