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Marvel Fans Still Divided on Iron Man 3: Trash or Treasure?

Marvel Fans Still Divided on Iron Man 3: Trash or Treasure?

Time heals almost all wounds eventually, but try telling that to the never-ending battle between opposite sides of the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom aiming to determine whether or not Iron Man 3 can truly be called trash or treasure.

Is it Trash or Treasure?

Of course, one person's steaming dumpster fire is another's priceless stash of rare jewels, and that sentiment has applied to Shane Black's insanely opinion-splitting threequel ever since it scored massive box office in the wake of The Avengers a full 10 years ago. Some love it, others loathe it, and plenty think it's perfectly acceptable superhero entertainment, but nothing close to a consensus has ever been reached.

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The Ever-changing Opinion

However, seeing as the Multiverse Saga has repeatedly conspired to deliver the long-running comic book franchise's worst-rated and most-hated projects on an alarmingly consistent basis, the tides have shifted on Iron Man 3 yet again. This time, a Reddit thread naming it as one of the greatest Marvel movies ever made has gathered a substantial amount of backing, although the naysayers are inevitably lurking in the comments and replies, too.

The Endless Debate

Speaking of which, the tides of opinion have been ebbing back and forth so often for so long regarding Robert Downey Jr.'s final solo outing as Tony Stark that if it carries on like this, the entire planet is destined to spin off its axis eventually, plunging billions into an irreversible state of cosmic horrors. Hyperbolic, sure, but that's how it feels trying to keep track on whether or not the MCU supporter's club adores or abhors the film on any given day.

For all we know, things will have changed again 24 hours from now.

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