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Selena Gomez and Nicola Peltz Beckham’s Unexpected Friendship Continues to Thrive



Selena Gomez and Nicola Peltz Beckhams Unexpected Friendship Continues to Thrive

Strong Bond Despite a Shared Ex

Selena Gomez and Nicola Peltz Beckham may have an unlikely connection – they both dated Justin Bieber in the past – but that hasn't stopped them from forming a tight-knit friendship. Since their friendship started in November 2022, the two have become incredibly close and often spend time together, whether it's on a yacht with Nicola's husband, Brooklyn, or enjoying girls' nights at home.

Extended Friendship Circle

Not only do Gomez and Nicola enjoy each other's company, but their friendship extends to Gomez's little sister, Gracie Elliot Teefey. The popstar recently shared an adorable photo of Gracie giving Brooklyn a buzzcut, affectionately captioning it "My. Babies." In another Instagram post, Gomez shared photos of herself, Gracie, and Nicola on a girls' night out, with the sisters showing their love for Nicola by kissing her on the cheeks.

Matching Tattoos and New Year's Celebration

The best friends have given fans glimpses of their bond over time, including matching tattoos and twinning New Year's Eve outfits. Gomez even jokingly referred to their trio of friendship – herself, Nicola, and Brooklyn – as a "throuple" in a Golden Globes-nominated actor's Instagram post. Their friendship has been fun and playful, as evidenced by their shared posts on social media.

Timeline of Friendship Moments

Here is a timeline of key moments in Gomez and Nicola's friendship so far:

Nov. 24, 2022: Nicola shared her first-ever TikTok featuring Gomez, her brother, Brad Peltz, and her husband, Brooklyn. The video showed the close bond between the group.New Year's Eve: Gomez and Nicola celebrated the New Year together, sharing photos on Instagram of their festivities, including matching metallic Valentino dresses. The pair also got matching "angel" tattoos.Nicola's Birthday: Ahead of Nicola's birthday, Gomez and her little sister took her out for a night on the town.Picnic Hangout: Gomez joined Nicola, Brooklyn, and their friends for a picnic hosted by Nicola.Aug. 29: Gomez and Gracie visited Nicola and Brooklyn once again, with Gracie even giving Brooklyn a haircut. Nicola captured the moment with a gallery of photos featuring an affectionate hug between her and Gracie.Sept. 24: The trio attended a soccer match in France, with Gomez and Nicola seen snuggling up to each other in the stands.

From TikToks to tattoos, Gomez and Nicola's friendship has endured and grown, proving that unexpected connections can lead to lasting bonds.

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