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‘That’s your super power’: Despite having a 0-for-3 track record in the comic book genre, Dwayne Johnson can still offer words of wisdom



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‘That’s your super power’: Despite having a 0-for-3 track record in the comic book genre, Dwayne Johnson can still offer words of wisdom

If you want advice to succeed in the superhero genre, then despite his status as an A-list megastar and one of the biggest and highest-paid stars in Hollywood, Dwayne Johnson surprisingly isn’t the person to ask.

Comic Book Misfire

After all, his stint as Hercules in the historical epic inspired by The Thracian Wars was about as mediocre as they come, before his dual-pronged assault on DC couldn't have gone much worse than it did. He may have set up a showdown between the Man in Black and the Man of Steel in both live-action and animation, but neither DC League of Super-Pets or Black Adam managed to make it beyond the first hurdle.

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Words of Wisdom

However, if you want somebody to invoke the themes of superheroism as part of a motivational speech, then The Rock might just be your man. His words of wisdom, positivity, and encouragement have become a regular part of his social media activity, and he's back at it again with his latest dispensation of sage advice on Instagram.

“To block out all the daily noise, I do my best to listen to my inner voice. The voice that’s behind our rib cage – our gut and instinct that always speaks the truth to us. So much noise and toxicity out there, around every corner looking to bring ya down. Block out the noise ~ listen to your voice. You being real, authentic & RESPECTFUL can sometimes be very uncomfortable for people and that’s ok – because it encourages dialogue and forces people to respectfully listen to each other instead of being so quick to judge. Block out the toxic bullshit. Listen to your voice. Hold your space. Be authentic. That’s your super power. Thanks as always for your questions.”

Beacon of Positivity

Never one to be slowed down by negativity or backlash, something that's become clear over the last few weeks, the actor and producer continues to spout wholesome ideals that he's happy to share with the world, and these are words many of his followers will take to heart.

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