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The Disappointing Reboot of “Parker” Makes a Streaming Comeback

Author Donald Westlake never allowed adaptations of his work to use the name of his literary creation, but that all changed with the release of Jason Statham’s “Parker” in 2013.

The Real Identity of Parker

After being known by different names in previous films, the character of Parker finally received his true credit in this third feature-length outing.

Image via FilmDistrict

Taylor Hackford’s action thriller received lukewarm reviews and underperformed at the box office, but that hasn’t stopped Hollywood from trying again with a reboot.

Potential Franchise in the Works

Despite the lackluster performance of the 2013 film, a new attempt to monetize the “Parker” novels is underway. “Lethal Weapon” creator Shane Black, along with Robert Downey Jr., aims to launch a whole franchise.

Streaming Comeback

While the new reboot project remains quiet, Jason Statham’s take on the character has found success on streaming platforms.

According to FlixPatrol, “Parker” has become popular on the Starz worldwide watch-list, thanks to Statham’s extensive catalog of captivating genre films.

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