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The John Wick Prequel Series “The Continental” Dominates Streaming with Global Success

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The John Wick Prequel Series The Continental Dominates Streaming with Global Success

The John Wick franchise continues to impress, not only with its box office success but also with its consistent critical acclaim. With each new installment, the series has seen improved ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, culminating in a remarkable 94 percent approval rating for the latest entry.

The Continental Receives Mixed Reviews

Unfortunately, the first project in the John Wick universe that doesn't feature Keanu Reeves or director Chad Stahelski has received a tepid response. The Continental, a prequel series, currently holds a 49 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and has been met with controversy due to Mel Gibson's involvement.

Streaming Success

Despite the mixed reviews, The Continental has proven that the John Wick brand still has a powerful draw. The prequel series, available on Prime Video, has skyrocketed to the number one spot in 23 countries and has reached the Top 10 in nearly 100 more countries.

It's clear that the John Wick brand remains as bulletproof as its iconic protagonist.

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