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‘We want to be very careful with the CG’: Big talk for a fantasy reboot 16 years in the making backed by a producer who admits they make terrible movies



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‘We want to be very careful with the CG’: Big talk for a fantasy reboot 16 years in the making backed by a producer who admits they make terrible movies

A fantasy reboot that has been in the works for 16 years may be facing an uphill battle at the box office, according to industry insiders. The Red Sonja reboot, set to release next year, is already burdened by the reputation of the original flop and a troubled production history.

The original failure that sparked reinvention

The 1985 swords-and-sorcery film was famously labeled by Arnold Schwarzenegger as the movie he hates the most from his entire career. This made it a prime candidate for a fresh start. While the reinvention has been in progress since 2008, filming only began last year.

questionable creative team

The director behind the camera is M. J. Bassett, known for overseeing another underperforming fantasy film titled Solomon Kane. The producer, Les Weldon, was involved in the recent commercial failure EXPEND4BLES. In an unusual move, the CEO of the production company behind the reboot, Nu Boyana, openly admitted, "we make a lot of sh*tty movies."

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Hopes for a more realistic approach

While there are doubts about the quality of the film, the producer, Les Weldon, has promised a more tangible and realistic approach for Red Sonja. However, skepticism remains after the producer's previous film, EXPEND4BLES, suffered from poorly executed CGI.

“That film is very rooted and very real if you will, but there are a couple of sequences that we have to get the CGI right so that you don't look at it and go, "Oh, that creature wasn't quite there." So we finished the film, and we're ready to get into the next part of post on it. Well, Red Sonja is also a little bit of a, I don't wanna say a darker take, but a little bit darker take than you would expect, certainly compared to the original Red Sonja. We want to be very careful with the CG to make sure it's done properly and does the film a service rather than a disservice.”

Actress Matilda Lutz has been cast in the title role, and with no confirmed release date, there is still time for the Red Sonja reboot to prove itself and win over audiences.

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